Jesus tells us plainly:

“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart, I have overcome the world” – John 16:33

Jesus is clear that we will have troubles in life, troubles like coronavirus, but he offers hope in the midst of it, he has overcome.

He says these words as he heads to the cross and it’s the events of Easter that can offer us hope in a broken world. When Jesus died and rose again he overcame the greatest trouble of all, death itself, and offers us a hope of new life in him. It’s new life that can begin now, and carry on into eternity.

This is how Jesus can call us to take heart, to trust him even as we face trouble. This hope gives Christians a peace and a joy even when troubles come.

This year is set to be a year like no other, but could it be the year that amongst the trouble, you find a hope that can’t be shaken?

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